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Re: your mail

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Rod L. Wiggins wrote:

> comparison.  My Ur-q has hella h1s and h4s with 80/100  and it is 
> absolutely amazing.  I understand there is a problem with putting the 
> lighting upgrades on late model audis due to audi's burnt-out bulb 
> indicator.  I'm certain it can be bypassed. 
> Hope this helps,
> Rod

OK, now Im stumped... and I should know the difference here... what is 
the differences between h1 and h4? is there an h2 or h3?? How do I know 
what I need? Where does each one go? Who invented liquid soap and why?

Do you think the burnt out bulb indicaters will pose a problem? Even if I 
just upgrade the wattage?

confused in connecticut...  (bob)

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