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Re: your mail

On Fri, 17 Mar 1995, Bob D'Amato wrote:

> OK, now Im stumped... and I should know the difference here... what is 
> the differences between h1 and h4? is there an h2 or h3?? How do I know 
> what I need? Where does each one go? Who invented liquid soap and why?

H3= the little halogen bulbs that one uses in fog/driving lights.  They 
are small and have a wire "pig-tail" connected to them permanently.  They 
are single filament, ie. no high or low beam, just "beam".

H4= They are a bit larger, and have a 3-prong connnector on them.  These 
are used as OE on many cars in Europe, and, as some know, as OE on a 
large quantity of street motorcycles in the U.S.  ( I knew that job at a 
Honda motorcycle parts dept. would come in handy)   They provide a "high" 
and a "low" beam function, as they are dual filament.

H1=   Can't remember

H2= can't remember either.