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*A/D converters

                I have seen the digital dash you talk of, and I like it.  The d
isplay is glows that orange-red Audi backlit Audi color.  It looks really cool
at night especially.  Far better than the basic anolog display in the GT coupe.
  I'm just wondering, Does the tqc have the same anolog display as as the GT?
In 1986 and 87 the digital display was an option--I'm probably wrong about that
.  Just look for one of those years GT coupe and see what it looks like.  They'
re not that hard to find.
                But, I must warn you thata lot of people don't like the digital
 dash, including the car magazines at that time.  They all complained about it.
  Personally, I think it looks cool and I think it's alot easier to look down a
nd see a big digital number on a backlit LCD screen than trying to read what nu
mber the peg is on--especially at high speeds.
                 I do think it is worth looking into though.  I know the digita
l dash was in the last year of the old body style tqc (91, I believe).  I don't
 know how easy a convertion would be.  I don't know anyone who's done it.  Most
 people just keep what they got.  Well, find and 86 or 87 GT and see if you lik
e it.
                                          Dan Hussey