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*Leather Care

        Hey Jef,
             I can tell you love this Leather Armour stuff.  I'll have to try i
t sometime.  I had always used Lexol in the past and it didn't seem to keep the
 leather soft for long.
              I recently had a simmilar experience with Hide Food, available fo
r $11.00 at your local Jaguar dealership (I don't know where you saw it for $65
 but I think they're overpricing just a little).
              Hide Food is a creme paste.  You should put it on the leather and
 spread it evenly over the surface--make sure you don't miss any spots.  Then l
et it soak in overnight.  The next morning, wipe the excess off.  It really add
ed moisture to my usually dry leather.
               Honestly:  The next day I parked it in a parking lot.  It was a
little hot.  When I came back an hour later my leather was sweating.  This mean
s there's moisture in there.  This stuff works great.

                                                Dan Hussey
                                                88 5000cstq
    P.S.  The leather won't normally sweat--it had only been on the leather for
 about 8 hrs when it did this.