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Wheels for sale.

     I have 3 brand new 5k Turbo wheels for sale part number 447 601 025 D 
     these are the flat face type. Hub caps or nut caps maybe available but 
     not new. - $200 Cdn.  you pay shipping from Halifax, NS. I do travel 
     to New England states occasionally so can arrange to there. Open for 
     trades, if you have anything to fit.
     Will be looking for used motorhome Class A/C any leads appreciated, 
     could use Ur-Quattro as trade.
     E. Clarke Paynter
     83 Ur-Quattro   137k km
     84 Coupe GT     276k km
     86 4000s        226k km
     Past too long, but 95% VW-Audi-Porsche