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Radio Questions

     OK, we love our new (to us) 200 TQ Wagon. (My wife was
     dubious about the 5 speed as well, until she came back reporting
     that she had smoked a BMW 3 series at a stoplight.)

     But the radio is marginal. Acts like it has no attenna, but it looks
     like the car has two - one mounted rear center at about a
     45 degree angle, the other internally in the windshield.

     Also, no radio manual. Yeah, we figured out how to set the
     preselects, and that DX = increased sensitivity ( not enough,
     though). But what is the ARI-Z button? It does not seem to have
     any effect on the increased sensitivity for cowboy music... but
     seriously, what does this button do?  Thanks

     Tom Forhan

     90 200 TQW