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Re: Radio Questions

>     OK, we love our new (to us) 200 TQ Wagon. (My wife was
>     dubious about the 5 speed as well, until she came back reporting
>     that she had smoked a BMW 3 series at a stoplight.)
He probably underestimated you (the car is a true Qship) - 

>     Also, no radio manual. Yeah, we figured out how to set the
>     preselects, and that DX = increased sensitivity ( not enough,
>     though). But what is the ARI-Z button? It does not seem to have
>     any effect on the increased sensitivity for cowboy music... but
>     seriously, what does this button do?  Thanks

Ah yes, the idiot button,  without a manual this button would appear 
to be a)useless or b) broken.  From memory (or what's left of it), it 
was supposed to be used to pick up road and emergency info from 
cities that cared to transmit, in other words it's useless.  I believe
it goes into search mode and tries a number of channels, then it becomes
annoying.  Has anyone actually received a signal from this ?

jim h
>     Tom Forhan
>     tforhan@hr.house.gov
>     90 200 TQW