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Re: Audi sighted in Seattle

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, WHO wrote:
> Or calling a 924 a VW GTI. And really, Is calling a GT Quattro Coupe a
> UR-Quattro that way off? Is it just the older Turbo Quattro that should be
> called this? Or is it the GT Quattro coupe he saw probably non-turbo so it
> would fail?

Hey! Dont insult the GTI!!! :)
Chances are if it said "coupe" it wasnt a quattro, unless someone pasted 
on the quattro badge. They did make, (but not import) quattro coupes that 
were not turbos, actually in the 4 and 5 cylinder versions!  Would they 
not all still be an UrQ?

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