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Re: Stalking

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:
> After explaining the concept of fraud to the manager, they gave
> me the service for $25. There really is nothing to do at 60K.
I had the same thing, but I got billed for an Electronic Ignition module, 
because mine was "flaky".

> It turns out that sometimes diesels start sucking oil past the rings.
> Oil is like 105 octane racing gas for diesels. Since the key only
> shuts off the fuel pump, it won't stop this. I got the engine off,
> but my head was toast. At first, the mechanic thought I needed a
> new fuel pump ($950 rebuilt, $1600 new!). Nope, just a vaccuum
> bypass line for $70, picked up by VW. Oh, plus a new head.

Its called "siphoning" Where it does just that, sucks in the oil over the 
rings and burns it... quite well at that! I had stopped it by putting the 
car in 4th, let out the clutch with my foot on the brake... no prob. 
I love diesels... I love the sound, the smell everything. Wish they were 
more of a performer.

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