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Re: *Audi sighted in Seattle

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>           I could be wrong, but isn't a Ur-quattro any tqc of the origonal body
> style?  Although I do think it could be any tqc produced before '86-or when the
> y stopped shipment of them to the US.  Am I right or totally off base?

I thought that the only "Turbo Quattro Coupes" were the early ones.  The 
later (-1990) 90 Quattro Coupes didn't have the turbo, did they?  I 
thought they were the 20valve nat. aspirated.

What I mean is: if it is a Turbo Quattro Coupe it had to be a 
"Ur-Quattro" right?  Wow!  Confusing...