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Re: *Audi sighted in Seattle


Many thanks for the description of a true Ur-quattro. It sounds perfect.

You beat me to it this morning.

Jason Crow          Salomon Brothers International Limited
<crow@sbil.co.uk>   ----------------------------------------------------
1990 Quattro Turbo 20V                          Tel: +44 (0)171-721-2580

The European market has seen a quattro model based on the old square-style
coupe body, but no turbo, no flared fenders, etc.  You can think of those
as the 4000Q but in the coupe body with 2 doors.  Thus, strictly speaking,
what uniquely identifies an Ur-quattro are the following (obvious traits):

	old (1981 on) squared coupe body style
	flared front and rear fenders
	integrated bumper/valence
	turbocharged & intercooled 5-cylinder engine

The Ur-quattros also comes with the "quattro" script on the rear
side windows, and the 4-ring decal on the lower part of the
front doors.  There is also a thin dual pinstripe that goes all
the way along the beltline.  I have known some Ur-quattro owners
who had removed these decals and stripes, however.

While the 1983 Sport Quattro also has flared fenders and a 20V
turbo five, those exotic short beasties are not called the "Ur".