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Re: 959 review

On Sat, 18 Mar 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> Well, let's see....  Porsche brought one to the states for "manufacturers
> testing" and the boys at apple had two that weren't street legal (impounded
> for the longest time at customs, remember Mr. gates trying to convince the
> federali that a computer could simulate crash and emissions tests, deaf
> ears)...  But I know for a fact that these two were seen running on the
> streets of california by many poschefiles, including a friend of mine who has
> a picture from his 944t trying to catch one...  Not aware of any that got to
> the racing circuit, but my guess is, that if bob drove one it was probably in
> the faterlund....   Hello, bob, care to enlighten the envious??
There are a lot of 959 wanna be's out there, and a lot of body kits 
available. Im not sure I would know the difference between the real mccoy 
and a kit. Even so, sweet looking car.
I actually got to drive it at Villeneuve (sp?) stadium in Montreal. Had a 
closed track day for all the teams showing off their new stuff. They only 
had one there, and there were a lot of people drooling over it. Including 
the press. I have never seen one in the states at all, but I did see one 
for sale in Robb Report or something like that. Im not sure what it is 
about them that wont pass federalization.
We really couldnt go crazy in it, and we had to have someone in the car 
with us, but even 150 mph seemed like 30 on the track. Incredibly stable. 
*sigh* Maybe in my next life.

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