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Re: I went Autocrossing!

On 20 Mar 1995 glen.powell@smc.com wrote:

>   Bob, what kindah car are you autocrossing? What class? What prep did you
>   do? How was the competition in your class? Tell us more.....

Well... I used my everyday 90 20VQ, the only thing I did on it was pump 
up the tires to 40 pounds, keeping the sidewalls stiffer. (after the run, 
I came to the conclusion that 40 front, 38 rear would have been 
better...) I was in HS, basically stock, no modifications at all. The 
only thing I did was take off the phone, the radar detector off the 
visor, and the spare tire out of the trunk. The less things flying around 
the better.
Competition in my class was a wide range. Although Im new to all this, Im 
not sure what was in my 'class', because the driver had to race 'pro' 
because he has been doing it so long. He came in third in his class, 
ahead of 2 severly hot rod Neons., but only by tenths of a second.

The Conn. state police were there with their cars and their private 
cars...Boy, they really cant drive! I was really embarassed for them. 
Plus some had Mustangs, which were really pitiful. 
Had a good  time though, cant wait for the next one. Im sure Ill ddrive 
the next one. My arm should be better by then!

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