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On 3/16/95, Jeff Goggin responded to my request for help getting my 5kTQ to pass

>You might try talking with Vince at Vincent Engineering.  My parents take their
>Audis to him (I do most of the work on mine myself) and he not only appears
>to know what he's doing, he's fairly priced to boot.  His number if 957-2834
>and he's located on 38th St., just north of Indian School Road.

I am extremely pleased with this places work.  He adjusted my car, replaced a
belt, replaced a strut mount (that I broke when I got airborne about a week
ago), and installed a radiatior shroud.  This all took just over an hour and
total cost was $100.  I couldn't get my oil changed at the dealer for less than
$90.  My CO emissions at idle went from over 10% (it pegged the metering
machine) to 0.04%

If anyone you know needs work done on there Audi this is the place to go!!!!!

Thanks Jeff