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Re: re: Quattro tire alignment

On March 20th, 1995 David Kavanaugh wrote:

>I had my car aligned last April, and in December, when I put my snows
>on, I noticed severe wear of the inner edge of the tires.  All
>four showed the wear.  I rotated my tires in September, and I had put
>11,000 miles on the tires when they were taken off.  The tires are
>Yokohama A509s and they were new when I had the car aligned.  So,
>what I am trying to figure out is if this car is prone to eating tires
>(as the dealer who did the alignment claims), or if I should try to
>get the dealer to help me pay for new tires.  I'm going to
>call an independent area garage who does quattro alignments regularly
>and get their opinion.   What do all of you think??

My opinion is:

First,m quattros do eat tires.  I would suggest in future a more aggressive
rotation policy, if for no other reason than even tire wear (if the front, for
example are worn more than the back then the tirses aren't rotating at the same
speed which is not recommended for quattros).  I rotate every 3K miles (that
maybe overkill).  
Second, quattro or not, your tire warranty is valid - they usually require you
ti hit the wear bar before the will do anything and most folks I know don't run
tires that worn.  Your dealer may be willing to do a prorated thing, but if he
does for only two tires, then your back to the situation above (two new tires
are not the same diameter as your others that are less worn - bad for the
kquattro again).  Your car should be perfectly alignable, though and they may
have screwed up.

Good luck,

Randall Paquette