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Re: DISC: Passport Installation

I've seen alot of talk about installing passports in the visor/headliner area.
I recently go bagged by an officer using LASER.  I have shince bought a passport
5000 (LCD display and LASER equipped).  I did alot of research as to how LASER
can get you and found that proper mounting of the detector is critical.  Most
LASER lags can aquire your speed in 2-5seconds.  The gun needs to be aimed at a
fairly vertical piece of metal., ie the fromt of your car.  If the gun is aimed
accurately and your detector is near the visor, your detector will never go off.
If you want to speed, get a remote or mount the detector on the dash to allow
you to be warned of laser.

Randy Paquette, and probably no-on shares my opinions.