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4KS, Summer Tires

Thanks to all who responded to the (seemingly endless) summer tire thread 
that I started a while back.  It seems that my decision was made for me.  
I friend offered a used set of Dunlop D40 M2's,  195/55/14 on yet another 
set of factory spoke Audi wheels for an insanely low rpice and I jumped 
on them.  My initial report:

Dunlop D40 M2  195/55-14 on an 87 4000S, FWD
They stick wonderfully in the dry, which is all that I've been able to 
evaluate as it hasn't rained since I got them.  They are a bit smaller in 
profile than the 195/60's I'm used to, and as a result lowered my gearing 
a bit.  It rev's a bit too high on the highway at speed, but this makes 
it just about perfect for twisty, up-and-down backroads.

I have changed the alignment specs a little for autocross, but the new 
tires seem a bit darty when trying to stay in a straight line.  They are 
a bit stiffer than what I'm used to, and I haven't yet dialed in the 
preferred pressures for them just yet.  I suspect I may be a little high 
on the pressures (35 front, 38 rear).

They stick like glue but require more attention than other tires that I 
have used.  Break-away is a little abrupt, but the increase in overall 
grip is worth it if that's what you're into.  

They don't seem like they are going to last very long, as the tread seems 
sticky and soft, but they're going to be fun while they last.