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Re: switching to synthetic oil

On 27 Mar 1995, grant f lenahan wrote:

> I use Mobil1, my mechanic friend does as well.
> I hear that Redline is very good as well, but Mobil1 is $3.99
> in the supermarket.  I was NOT as impressed by Castrol Synmtech.
> I'm sure its fine, but....

What weights do you use in the summer/winter respectively?

 I'm kinda curious why you said you didn't like the Syntec.  What are your
 reasons?  I've been using Syntec for a while but have been thinking of
 trying the Mobil to see if there's any difference.

I use 15/50 summer, 10/30 winter, mixed fall/spring
(mixing, BTW, results in an averaged weight, per the API)

My objection to syntec was not strong, but it
did not appear to be as intact when removed
as did Mobil 1.  It also did not result in
any faster oil pressure than the thicker Mobil 1,
and viscosity extenders enhance sludge creation.
So 5/50 weights are a doubl;e-edged sword.

Also not Redline's brakdown analysis, disgusied,
but I think obvious.