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Re: switching to synthetic oil


re: which synthetic I suggest,

In a word: Dunno. 

I use Mobil1, my mechanic friend does as well.
I hear that Redline is very good as well, but Mobil1 is $3.99
in the supermarket.  I was NOT as impressed by Castrol Synmtech.
I'm sure its fine, but....

Redl;ine has an informative package they will send out.
Looking at the "brand X" and "brand Y" and checking
weight ranges, I think I guessed which was Mobila nd
which was Castrol.  According to Redline, the Mobil fared

I still maintain the best advice is:

1) use any SH oil you want
2) change it often
3) easy on cold engines

go to #1)