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switching to synthetic oil

re: below:

Synthetics are sometimes more highly
detergent than regular oils.  Therefore,
if you have a really gunked up engine,
the switch to synthetics (or a motor flush
for that matter), may dislodge gunk and
possibly remove varnish that is maintaining

However, I hope that anyone on this list
maintains their cars well enough that
they are neither gunked, nor being held
together by varnish :-)

I've switched on all my cars (bought 'em all used).
No problems.

My mechanic neighbor switched to Mobil1.
No problems.

Since they are all SG/Sh anyway, the
detergent properties are not orders of
magnitude apart.


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On 24 Mar 1995, grant f lenahan wrote:

> Synthetics are generally better than mineral oils
> in a few areas.  First, they resist high heat better -
> this is particularly important for turbo cars where a coke
> (hard carbon) layer can develop when the very hot turbo
> cooks the oil sitting stagnant in the bearing at shut
> down.  This is why many companies suggest that you idle you
> car 30-60 seconds after a "hard" run (whatever that means).

I was under the impression (OK, I was told) that it was bad to convert 
from non synthetic to synthetic. Something about it being more detergent 
and loosening up junk and clogging oil galleys... yes?no?maybe?


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