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Re: Undetectable Detectors

On Fri, 24 Mar 1995 marshall@fletch.roc.servtech.com wrote:

> I have always wanted to build a little circuit that would mimic the RD 
> superhet freq, put one in the car, then drive around Canada and other states 
> that have a ban.  The cops would go nuts.  They couldn't fine you for having a 
> Radar Detector, probably could harrass you though, but sure would waste their 
> time.

Another in the annoying dept.:
A friend and I discovered that his garage door opener would set off a 
radar detector in the car as well as some nearby in other cars.
Get your garage door opener and hide it in your pocket while riding in a 
friend's car.  Hit it intermittently and watch him/her go crazy.
	--Another "Audi related" post