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Power antennas and rear speakers

   I am also experiencing antenna woes.  My motor hums away when the radio 
is switched on and off, but the antenna stays up.  I have since unplugged 
the motor to prevent further damage.  What I have found so far, and this 
applies to my 82 4000s, but should be similar to the rest of you, is that 
there are two makes of antenna.  One by Bosch, and another by a company 
starting with an H (whose name I was told by Carlsens, but promptly forgot).
   The good news for some of you, is that the mast is replaceable separate 
from the motor.  I assume this would fix problems where the plastic cable(?) 
mechanism has broken.  Price for the H-brand antenna mast from Carlsens is 
$27 something. The Bosch one is more expensive.  While glancing at my 
friends Bentley manual for the 4000q's, I noticed that there was a section 
discussing the power antenna.  However, that not being the project of the 
day, I kept going.  I haven't had a chance to look at it further, however, I 
assume this would cover the mast replacement procedure.  I know for a fact 
that it isn't covered in the Bentley manual for my 82 4000s.
   Lacking the motor problem, I haven't looked for solution to it yet. 
 However, one option I did check was purchasing an aftermarket power antenna 
from Crutchfield.  They wanted something like $80 for the antenna and 
another $10 for a wiring harness adapter.
   Hope this provides some food for thought.  I'll post an update after my 
mast arrives, and I've attempted the swap.

   Someone else was looking for an alternative to the 5.25" speakers in the 
back deck of many Audis.  I have found that Boston Acoustic and ADS (analog 
& digital systems) both make a 6"x9" plate speaker that fits without 
modification to the deck.   The woofer magnet\cone assembly is between 
5/5.25" and fits into the existing hole, while the rest of the speaker 
assembly sits on the deck.  Pricing was $200 and $300 respectively, at my 
local stereo outlet (Vaseline included).  I found that the ADS stay put on 
the carpeted surface without having to mount them, but don't tell the local 
stereo thieves.  I'll probably get around to mounting them permanently this 

Stott Hare
82 4000s
82 VW Scirocco 1.8l w\GTi tranny (4-sale) :(