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5KT: testing the waters

   I have a chance to pick up a 1980 5000 Turbo (Silver\gray with blue int.) 
tomorrow (3/28), primarily as an engine donor.  The rest of the car serves 
no particular purpose to me at this time.  However, scrapping perfectly good 
parts is a pet peeve of mine.  But lacking the storage to part the car out, 
I'm stuck with a dilemma.
    So my question, is anyone out in netland have a need or use for a blue 
interior in good condition?  Body parts? Glass? 5 factory 24 spoke(?) alloys 
(okay, but not perfect)? Wiring? Tail lamp units? etc.  Prices will be dirt 
cheap, I just don't want to outright junk the stuff.  Car will be parted out 
in south central NH.

Thanks, any responses will help me decide whether I pass on this project or 

Stott Hare