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Re: Audi sighted in Seattle

>On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, WHO wrote:
>> Or calling a 924 a VW GTI. And really, Is calling a GT Quattro Coupe a
>> UR-Quattro that way off? Is it just the older Turbo Quattro that should be
>> called this? Or is it the GT Quattro coupe he saw probably non-turbo so it
>> would fail?
>Hey! Dont insult the GTI!!! :)


Could it be that the UK sees different Quattros than us? Maybe Jason didn't
realize what country this person saw the car in. Just a guess. BTW, what
about 4000's and 5000's being called Quattro with a capital Q? Someone told
me that only the Ur-Quattro can be called 'Q'uattro while others are simply
quattro? The Benteley calls a 4ksq it a 4000 'Q'uattro the owners manual
calls it a 'q'uattro. Does it really matter? Curious.
Chad Shepherd