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Re: Audi sighted in Seattle

On Mon, 20 Mar 1995, WHO wrote:

> Could it be that the UK sees different Quattros than us? Maybe Jason didn't
> realize what country this person saw the car in. Just a guess. BTW, what
> about 4000's and 5000's being called Quattro with a capital Q? Someone told
> me that only the Ur-Quattro can be called 'Q'uattro while others are simply
> quattro? The Benteley calls a 4ksq it a 4000 'Q'uattro the owners manual
> calls it a 'q'uattro. Does it really matter? Curious.
> Chad Shepherd
> shepherd.31@osu.edu
I think we get the same. I seem to remember an Audi Coupe GT, but not 
quattro GT - maybe I do, but it was Coupe Quattro GT. You're right about the 
lower case 'q', though: the point about a quattro is that it's a bit of a 
stealth machine, right? well part of that whole thing is calling it with a little letter. VW did the same with their synchro.
 In Britain we have 80, 90 (no longer), 100, 200 (no 
longer). What are these in the US, I still haven't figured it out. The 
two door models in the old squared off days were divided between quattro 
(Ur-Q with turbo and flares) and coupe (1.8, 2.2, fwd or 4wd with neither 
flares nor turbo). Over here you couldn't get turbo without flares or 
vice versa.
Is a 4000 a coupe and a 5000 a 100/200 saloon/avant?