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Re: Re[2]: Stalking

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995 llevitt@idcresearch.com wrote:

> I fully believe that if I hadn't told the ossifer that I was running a radar 
> detector by tapping my brakes, he would have gone on to other, faster game. 65? 
> Give me a break!

Yeah, I agree. Here in the UK I've been caught a few times over the limit 
but not doing anything stupid and they've let me go. In a Range Rover at 
85 on the M6 a cop just breezed past; many times on dual carriage ways at 
90 when it's been quiet, the cop hiding behind the bush has let me pass. 
A friend in one of the first Ford Cosworths (I don't think they went to 
America, but they were very fast Ford mid-size hatchbacks - turbo 16v 2 
litre, 200hp) was pulled at 104 on the M6, and the cop let him off with a 
warning to "keep it below the ton, sir". My father reckons a police motor 
bike sneaked up on him at 120 in his quattro a long time ago, but I think 
he was bull shitting - reckons the guy just went by