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Re: Stalking

>> reminds me of a friend with a Pontiac 6000 STE with digital dash:
>> he knew he was clocked over 70 in a 35 so when he pulled over he 
>> reached into the fuse box ( bottom left driver side interior) and pulled
>> the fuse to the dash

>You DON'T do this out west unless you want the cop to pull his gun on you. I
>always make it a point to roll my window down and keep both hands on the
>wheel where they're clearly visible.  I've been told they appreciate this
>since it means you're less likely to pull a gun and ruin their day .

Actually, in the pontiacs you can reach the fuse box with hardly a motion of 
left hand (assuming you have a reasonable reach and don't sit way back).  he 
able to do this before the car stopped moving and the two people in the back 
were blocking much of the officers view anyway - this was clearly something he 
had thought about and practiced.

just to clarify

jim h

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