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Re: Stalking

>> Actually he was saving himself a trip there also.  he really doesn't want to 
>> spend a morning in court - police will often lower a ticket to the pay by 
>> mail
>> option as long as you don't give them a hard time or look like you'll 
>> fight it.
>Hi Jim, fellow Lead-footers,
>Ummmm, I'd be careful about subscribing to that theory toooo fully.  If he 
>you're out of state, then you *definitely* got a shot.  Otherwise, he's apt
>to appreciate a goof-off day in court...
Hi Bart, fellow lead footers
This is acually based more on my wifes experiences with some reference to
the aforementioned book on ticket aversion.  Since I've known her she's gotten
five or six tickets (plus a fair share of warnings) and in each case the 
cut the ticket down to the pay by mail option.  In LI, NY this was 
as a day in court was no goof off day but 3/4 of a day of pure boredom followed 
by a session with an angry judge and a professional ticket lawyer who might get
the case held back for another session with hope that you won't show up the 
time.  If an officer has to do this 3-4 times a week (PLENTY of lawyers on LI)
 he'll never be on the road and he won't meet his quota.

>Considering the lasting impact of points on the ol' insurance bill, I never 
>in a ticket, and *always* pay a lawyer to *negotiate* it down beforehand.  
>costs $250-350 a pop, *plus* the cost of the ticket, but...

>do his thing.  When he returns, gives me a ticket for 84 (29 over).  In 
>court, lawyer asks for PBJ 

??Peanut Butter and Jelly??

"...since client has no points" and *gets* it.
> There's a moral here somewhere...

How bout " a cop in the bush is worth $350 in the court"
>Cheers, <vbg>
>Bart Chambers,

jim h