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Re: Speed Kills?

>On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Eliot Lim wrote:

>I think we are in the middle of just such a "media circus" here in Ohio.  
>I have seen blurbs on the news about a serious crackdown and some of its 
>implications on I71 in Ohio.  Anyone know more about this blasting?  Mr. 
>Healey, comment?

It's funny you mention that because the hair on the back of my neck has
been standing up for a while and I wasn't sure why.  I'd like to switch over 
to a 
remote detector soon, does anyone know the optimal position on a 200 (ie
not too hot or too open)?

But coverage has definitely increased since St Patty's day, I've been avoiding
the interstates for a while.

happy motoring

jim h 
>Well, this is of concern to me because I was in my Audi(whew) traveling 
>to a nearby autocross in Columbus down the said I71 last Sunday.
>			----Bob