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Re: Subject line convention?

The erudite "Dahl, Dave" writes:
> > Considering that the different models of Audis seem to be different beasts, 
> > would a subject line convention help organize traffic a bit?
> I think it's a great idea.  I, too, get interested in a subject and then find 
> out it doesn't apply to me.  It would save me *lots* of time to know that up 
> front.
> Now, for all you Quantum Syncro guys:  What prefix are we going to use?  
> Should  we just tag along with the "4K.." crowd, since the cars are almost
> identical, or should we get our own prefix?  Anything with a "Q" (such as QS)
> could be confused

Hmmmmm...I was considering "Befuddled," but then I got confused...