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Re: Subject line convention?

The esteemed Dave Dahl writes:

> Now, for all you Quantum Syncro guys:  What prefix are we going to use?
> Should we just tag along with the "4K.." crowd, since the cars are almost
> identical, or should we get our own prefix?  Anything with a "Q" (such as QS)
> could be confused with "Quattro"; what about simply "VW" (or "VWQ")?

> - Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)

[stuff deleted <g>]

> - '93 Volvo 850 GLT

Yep, and for you and me Dave, and a few others, we will also use the convention 
"brick" for anything having to do with V*lv*s :)

Lee Levitt
1990 Audi 200T 60K (finally!)
1988 Volvo 745T, 106K
1962 Volvo P1800, mileage, who knows? (Anybody interested in a restorable