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Re: Re[2]: Stalking

>On Tue, 21 Mar 1995 llevitt@idcresearch.com wrote:
>> I fully believe that if I hadn't told the ossifer that I was running a radar 
>> detector by tapping my brakes, he would have gone on to other, faster
game. 65? 
>> Give me a break!
>Yeah, I agree. Here in the UK I've been caught a few times over the limit 
>but not doing anything stupid and they've let me go. In a Range Rover at 
>85 on the M6 a cop just breezed past; many times on dual carriage ways at 
>90 when it's been quiet, the cop hiding behind the bush has let me pass. 
>A friend in one of the first Ford Cosworths (I don't think they went to 
>America, but they were very fast Ford mid-size hatchbacks - turbo 16v 2 
>litre, 200hp) 

In the last issue of Eurosport Car there was an article about a guy who
imports them to the US. The Escort RS Cosworth. 48K and 227 hp,299 ft-lb.
I'm sure this is the car you're speaking of. It's the Merkur's little
brother on steroids. Cool I found it. Here are some cuts if anyone is

    "....Cahalane already has a handful of Cosworths in the country and
is planning to import at least 200 more throughout 1995....when asked
if crash-testing was involved, his brow wrinkled and the word 'yes'
slipped from his lips...$48000 for luxury base version."

Thought this would be appropriate with all the talk about US customs and
foreign exotics. The article mentions sacrifice, federalize, US roads. It is
all wheeldrive too.
Chad Shepherd