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New member to list

Greetings all!

I'm a newbie to the Internet who also happens to be an Audi fan.  If I make
any slips along the way, I appreciate any and all advice and thank you in

I do have a question that I hope someone might answer.  I have a 1985 Audi
GT Coupe with 156K miles on the head and about 80K on the block (previous
owner was backed into, and her insurance agent managed to convince the other
guy's agent that they should pay for the local Audi dealer to replace the
block, [and clutch while they had it apart!]) and it has the 5-speed

The problem I have is that I only get 275-300 miles out of a tank of gas,
and with a 16 gallon tank, this is beginning to hurt the pocketbook.  What
is the normal milage for one of the 5-cyl engines in a non-Quattro car?  And
if my mileage is really low, any suggestions on how to fix?

The mileage hasn't changed any in the 16 months I've had the car, and in
that time I replaced the air filter, replaced the fuel filter (the one back
by the gas tank) twice, put in Bosch Platinum plugs and had the Air/Fuel mix
checked by the mechanic who surveyed the car before I bought it.

Also the mileage doesn't vary by more than 5 miles per tank, no matter
whether I'm drag racing from every stop, or "grandmother driving" and taking
two weeks to hit 40 mph.

Any help would be great!  Thanks

Gary Erickson