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Re: 959 Sightings

Although I have never come across a dip-plated 959 in the DC area, I have
seen a European version of the new M3 with dip plates at a BMW service shop in
the DC area.  I am sure that the car is a genuine Euro-spec vehicle
because of what I saw in the engine bay and little details like the
different headlight setup (incl. the level adjuster). 
FYI the Euro version of this car cannot be legally imported to the US
because its different engine config--which provides higher hp and costs
much more $$--has not been EPA blessed. 

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Johann Lin wrote:

> Just to add to the confusion about the sightings of 959's in the U.S. When I 
> visited my sister in Washington D.C. this past January, there was a 959 with 
> a diplomatic plate on it parked in front of the Brookings Institute. I 
> couldn't tell whether it was the real thing or a kit conversion obviously 
> because I have never seen either one !!
> This one is probably worth 1 yen !!
> JoJO

Guillermo S. Christensen
Mclean, Virginia
'93 BMW 325is
'84 Audi 4000S Quattro