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Re: Re[2]: Stalking

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Robert Phillips wrote:

> You must be some kinda hell raiser if you can get picked up on a freeway, 
> in a (er-) Volvo, at night, for 65mph!!

it could have been a v*lv*-hating cop that wrote him up!

:) :) :)

seriously, the operative word is "tolerance".  from the book, the
author says that usually 10mph over is tolerated unless the end
of the quota period is coming up or if the police chief is launching
a media circus campaign to show the public that "they are indeed going
to crack down on all these outlaws" whereby the tolerance drops from
the usual.

one other interesting factoid:

he claims that one of the biggest lies being told is that on christmas and
thanksgiving the cops will be out in force.  the reality is that cops are
want to spend time with their families just like everybody else, so there
is very little presence and those who are out there are usually the less
favored ones. 

and another:

he expresses disgust at the entire money making machine.  speeding tickets
support an entire industry that keeps a lot of people employed.. lawyers,
judges, clerks etc.  aircraft patrol apparently costs way way more than
the revenue few victims pulled over can cover, but they still use it. 

hmm, i wonder if someone should give the republicans another tax saving
idea.. :)  

to answer someone else's question... i got this book from a regular
joe blow bookstore.. cost $4.99.  should be reasonably easy to find.

(nomex on)

ok, so how many more people are going to unsubscribe now with yet another
non-audi related post?