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Re: *sad trends

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>         Yes Jason, as I stated earlier, it is sad to see cars becoming so dull.
>   But, we still have quattros, M series, SHOs, and other Q-ships 

we don't have the S2, the RS2 and until the last minute we didn't have
an S4/S6 wagon either.. and for not much longer.  the M5 is dead, the
M3 is "not the real thing".. SHO?  only good in a straight line.. i
raced with one once..  there are cars that also have never made it
here such as the lancia integrale, the alfasud, the citroens, the
nissan skyline GTR, the 220 bhp awd subaru impreza turbo, the twin
turbo legacy.. the list is very very long.  the celica all trac turbo
is also gone.....
> It is sad to see Alfa gone, but don't blame the American people.  Alfa
> has to produce cars that the marketplace wants. 

marketplace wants are strongly influenced by the media.. and when you
have a corrupt media, the marketplace ends up wanting s**t.  just make
sure it has cupholders.  nissan downgraded the suspension in the new
maxima, "because the market didn't need good suspension".. they put a
pickup truck engine in a sports car because the marketplace didn't
know or care.  if you had a media that is even remotely honest, the
marketplace would never want such crap.