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*sad trends

        Yes Jason, as I stated earlier, it is sad to see cars becoming so dull.
  But, we still have quattros, M series, SHOs, and other Q-ships that have foun
d thier place in the hearts (and lives) of many Americans.  When there's no mar
ket for a car, they die off, and make way for new ones.  The Alfa market in Ame
rica was dead--they beat the last bit of life out of it.

        It is sad to see Alfa gone, but don't blame the American people.  Alfa
has to produce cars that the marketplace wants.  Its this way in all buisniness
es; you either adjust with the market, or die.  I have always liked the Veloce
Spyder--a car with true character, and fun to drive.  But, they got old, fell a
part, rusted, and broke down often.  The 164 is a nice car though--a very smoot
h and powerful v6.  But it wasn't marketed well and sales were always low.

        But, have you seen the new Alfa Spyder?  This has to be the ugliest car
 produced since the 90 Chevy Caprice (which actually got Motor Trends prestigio
us 'Car of the Year' award--that magazine is a big joke).  The new Spyder looks
like a wedge of cheese on wheels.  I hate it and am glad I won't have to see it
.  What is Alfa doing?  How could they make such an abortion out of such a beau
tiful classic desighn?