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Stalking. now donut happy cops

[stuff blasted away]

>You DON'T do this out west unless you want the cop to pull his gun on you. I
>always make it a point to roll my window down and keep both hands on the
>wheel where they're clearly visible.  I've been told they appreciate this
>since it means you're less likely to pull a gun and ruin their day ... as
>any "professional speeder" will tell you, the happier the cop is, the more
>likely happier you are to get a break!
The same applies for radar detectors. Occifers rather see radar detector on
dash or windsheild than see possible voilent encounter with someone
fidgeting around in the cabin stashing things away or reaching for things
under dash/seat.

Wonder if a box of donuts on the dash would make any difference.:-)

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu