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Re: Spark Plugs

[from Gary Erickson]

>Has anybody heard the rumor that in some older cars, that platinum spark
>plugs can actually _reduce_ the mpg's and power of an engine?  I've got
>really crappy gas mileage (See related message; Subject: New member to list)
>and I'm considering going back to the Bosch triple electrode/copper cored
>plugs that were in the car when I bought it.
>Thoughts anyone?

I've used Bosch plats once. Wasn't too impressed. I even tried the NGK
regular plugs. Ran about same as Bosch Plats on 2.2 liter inline 5 87
5000S. I'm now on the Bosch tri-electrodes. Get about 20ish mpg around
town. It's all uphill driving here. Really! But I get nearly 500 miles
highway on the 21.1gal tank.
Idle is smooth and torque is O.K.

You gotta wonder. The Bosch Plats cost as much as NGK regular plugs. The
NGK Plats cost about 5 times as much. (About $10 a piece when I last
checked) For $12, I can get all 5 Bosch Plats. And it always says Robert
Bosch Inc. of America on the box. No mention ever of Deutschland. I wonder.

Audi Ur-Quattros are cool.
There! I mentioned all 3 things in this post.

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu