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Re: 959 Sighting Doubtful

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Steve Powers wrote:

> Maybe it's a local thing, after all, most of you don't have to live near
> the guy; you've just got to deal with his software. I sort of resent the
> fact that he is "above" the law. After all, can you or I speed across the
> local lake freeway bridges in a Mercedes convertible at 90+ with the top
> down, at night, wearing fluorescent orange highway cones on our heads???

You are 100% right... but I was referring to the oficer who has no penis 
(Or thats the way it is in CT anyway...)

You;re right.. I couldnt do it on a skateboard without a ticket... That 
reminds me, I got a speeding ticket on a BICYCLE once when I was at 
UCONN. Of course I had no ID with me, and I made his life hell. But he 
finally realized that I didnt deserve one and let me off with a warning. 
I thought speed limits were only for 'motor' vehicles.

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