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Re: Tranny moves?

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Ernest Wong wrote:

> >I noticed something odd in my tranny on the 90CSQ 20V. When I am in first
> >gear, lightly accererating, The stick 'wobbles' a little. When I am in
> >other gears, I let off the gas, the stick moves with the torque. Not
> >NEARLY as bad as my old 4000sq, but it still does it. Is this normal? Has
> >anyone else seen this?
> >Bob

> >
> Think it's the soft motor mounts to quell 2nd? order vibrations from the
> Inline-5. The shifter shakes, rattles and rolls. It's hopping in the
> tranny.
> No problem unless it won't go. Driver's manual says never to hold onto
> shifter while driving. Let it do it's own thing.
> Hope it ain't a broken or loose motor mount.
I hope not. I get no clunks or noises, and everything seems perfectly 
happy, only 50k on the clock. Thanks for the info. No I feel better! :)

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