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Re: 944t

On Tue, 21 Mar 1995, Robert D. Houk wrote:

> Well, that's a pretty good start! especially compared with Audi's five-
> banger slugs... it'll sure-as-taxes blow off anything Audi is willing to
> sell to a mere civilian (until that first snow!) I admit, the one that
> I got to test-drive a few years back was the definition of turbo lag
> (makes a stock UrQ look downright responsive), but man on man when that
> turbo finally awoke and spooled up!
> Yeah yeah yeah, my bias is showing . . .
> 					-RDH
Actually the turbo esprit is a really nice engine. It has had years of 
breeding, and is very smooth and responsive. I had an '89, and it was a 
really fun car to drive. Beleive it or not, it was reliable as well.
Disclaimer: They really need help on turbo implementation. 0-50 in 5 
seconds, 0-100 in not much more! Moral, real slug before spool up, but 
thats what makes it nice in city traffic.
Doubt I would buy another one.

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