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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #72

> I am having the same oil pressure problem you are, in my '89 100Q.
> I think what's happening is that the sudden warm weather is not
> agreeing with the 10W30 winter oil in my crankcase. I am going to
> change oil and filter this week, to see if it helps. I have noticed
> that if the morning is cold (<25 degrees), my pressure is better.
I also have 10w30 in there...

I noticed that also - If the morning is cold, I get better pressure, that 
slowly lowers as I drive. It would start out idling about 2-2.5 bar, and 
run 3 or so bar, even more under hard acceleration. Later, once the oil 
temp and engine temp warmed up, the pressure would be about 1.5-1.7 (!) 
on idle, and about 1.9 on cruise. I could get it to about 2.1 on HARD 
acceleration... I wonder what the deal is? Some kind of leak or something 
I would assume..?

> As for the temp gauge, Angela's 90Q20V has this problem. I'm pretty
> sure the sensor is bad. This sensor does *not* control the overheat
> fans, so there's no worry there. It *does* control the engine mgmt
> computer, so her car runs poorly when the gauge reads 0. The engine
> thinks it's cold and runs too rich and conservative to "warm up".

I ought get a new one I suppose... thats irritating when it runs 
'conservitive'.. feels like I have the AC on or something. What does it 
do exacly to make it run this way? slow the timing and pump in more fuel?

Thanks for letting me know I'm, not the only one... Lates..