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Re: Quattro Digest V2 #78

> The problem I have is that I only get 275-300 miles out of a tank of gas,
> and with a 16 gallon tank, this is beginning to hurt the pocketbook.  What
> is the normal milage for one of the 5-cyl engines in a non-Quattro car?  And
> if my mileage is really low, any suggestions on how to fix?

I have a '90 100Q - I get 350-375 miles per 22.2 gallon tank...I get 
21MPG in the winter ( sometimes less - depends on how much I do 4 wheel 
peelouts on the ice ), and about 23-24 in the summer. 25 for pure highway 
driving, and about 22 for pure 3000+ around town 'racing'. One time I did 
a lot of heavy accelerating (within a couple hundred of redline), then 
drive in the mountains for the rest of the tank, and got 27 MPG. I think 
my car likes mountain scenery, and that improves milage. (in other words, 
I get ok gas milage, spend $25 a week on gas, and can't figure out how to 
get better or worse milage..just blind luck)