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Assorted Diagnostic Modes/Tests + Oil Press.

I was curious as to what diagnostic modes/things I can do to check out my 
car without having to spend a lot of money on equipment. I have tried 
(and used) the climate control test mode ( by pressing outside temp and 
off at the same time), ansd was wondering what other things you might be 
able to do with the car. It is a '90 100 Q. I was also wondering if 
someone haad the UPDATED climate control test mode-decoder sheet. The one 
someone poster a month or so ago for the 5000 series was not entirely 
accurate for my 100. Dont know why, howver the were a different # of test 
channels, and some that shouldn't have done anything did things, and ones 
that should have didn't. I was also wondering if anyone knew how to 
decode the temp-sensor readings you got from the diagnostic mode..?

Thanks in advance...

Oh yeah - re. Oil Pressure

When it is working right, I run about 3 bars oil pressure. sometimes a 
little more, sometimes a little less. Now, It is not woking right, and I 
get about 1.8 bar sometimes more sometimes less. More if it is cold out.

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