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Just visited my dealer

I was in my local dealer's today.  Spoke with my friendly sales
manager type.  Told him I'd post the following info for him.

Audis 4 sale:

1.	'93 S4 22K miles Emerald Mica/black leather  $47,295 new
wants $27K

2.	'92 V8Q 62K miles Rugosa Green/black leather $56,405 new
wants $25K

3.	'94 V8Q coming in - details?

4.	New A6 wagon on lot along with another A6 or two and a couple
of 100's all fwd not Qs

Contact:	Bert Wolf Porsche/Audi

		Charleston, WV

		John Phillips, Sales Manager

		(304) 344-1601

		(304) 344-1155 home

I have no financial interest whatsoever in any of these
vehicles.  I figure the S4 and the V8s might have some interest
on the list.  I have bought three different Audis from this
dealer and believe them to be reputable.  Even the service
department though I question their calls, they have usually been

I figure there might be some *small* wiggle room on the pricing.
 The first three are from present customers and are not owned by
the dealer but will be sold through the dealer.  I may be
foolish, but I have some trust in what Mr. Phillips tells me.

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