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Re: RD confiscation/destruction?

Radar detectors in VA?
My wife, about a year ago, was in VA with her RD turned on.  It had been on
since she left our home in WV.  A few miles into VA on I64 she was stopped
by a representative of the VA State Lint (Lint - not enough rank for fuzz).
The charge?  Possession of a radar detector.  The fine $80.  She was not
speeding.  She was not charged with speeding.  The lint did not see the RD.
It was detected with a radar detector detector.  I question the legality, but
what do you do?  Spend thousands of bucks fighting an $80 fine?

Is there such a product as an undetectable radar detector.  I'm not asking 
about so-called stealth detectors which can be operated in "dark mode", but
one which emits a low enough oscillator signal to not be detectable by present
If such a detector is available, please provide specifics.  TIA.

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