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Re: Oil Change

> I am about to change the oil in my 1989 200TQ. The oil has been in there for 
> 3k miles.  A few questions:
> 	1) Synthetic or Natural?  Which Manufacturer?
> 	2) What brand of Oil filter?  
> 	3) I read in my Haynes Manual about a turbo filter as well. 
> Should this be changed now, or can it go longer?  If it should be 
> changed, who makes the best?
> 	4) Is 3k miles too long or too short a time between oil changes?
> Thanks in advance for the assistance.

!. Use synthetic, your turbo bearings will be less likely to
cook when you stop after a spriited drive.
Go with the Audi filter. it has an anti drain valve.

2. Should get at least 5k on synthetic...I do FWIW...

3. Not all cars have the turbo filter, mine does'nt.

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5kTQ
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