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Re: Oil Change

On Mar 23,  3:27pm, Kappy wrote:
> Subject: Oil Change
> I am about to change the oil in my 1989 200TQ. The oil has been in there for
> 3k miles.  A few questions:

> 	3) I read in my Haynes Manual about a turbo filter as well.

I read the same Haynes manual for my 87 TQ, and ran out and bought both
filters.  I'm assuming your 89 is the same as my 87, and what I found out is
that the turbo filter is for the Turbo cars, not for the Turbo Quattro's.  I
was told TQ's have an intercooler where the filter would go on the Turbo cars.
 Of course, YMMV.

87 5000CS TQ