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RE: ticking sound?

          I had this same exact problem in my '85 Coupe.  Unfortunately 
          (and I HOPE this won't be your problem) it turned out to be a 
          broken stud on the exhaust port of the #5 cylinder.  It was a 
          B***CH to fix, but then in 5000/100 series there is alot more 
          room to manuever, unlike the coupe.  What made it even worse was
          that it was the bottom stud.  This was a couple of years ago and 
          the dealer wanted $800 to fix it, and being a poor college 
          student, I decided to do it myself.  Of course, it was all labor.  
          I had to remove the intake and exhaust manifolds just to get to 
          it.  Between the Bentley and Haynes manuals, I somehow managed.
          The parts amounted to new exhaust and intake gaskets, stud, lock 
          nuts, and a lot of soap to wash out the mouth......
          Let me know if you have any questions
          Paul Souza